Great Days - USA Campmeeting Report

The state of Georgia opened up her doors to Savannah Ministries in a miraculous way. The Senior Pastor, of Spirit Life Christian Centre (SLICC) Bishop Joseph Dele-Tunji  not only opened his church doors but also his home and his heart to Savannah Ministries. His members followed suit, as months before the camp meeting was slated to take off, the entire members of SLICC where on ground making sure the programme would go on without a hitch. People came in from North Carolina, Atlanta, New York and many other states in the U.S, some driving for over five hours just to partake of 'GREAT DAYS' Savannah Ministres' 1st ever event on USA shores. Many Savannah members also flew in from the United Kingdom and Nigeria.

The first day started on a great note with Rev. Arome Adah opening the meeting at 6pm and Major Moyo Akin-Ojo preached on 'Three steps to fulfilling your spiritual destiny'. Miracles began to happen as a man, who could not talk well or walk without help due to cancer was healed right on the first night. He started talking and by the next meeting was running with Bishop Dele-Tunji to the glory of God. The meeting ended at about 9pm.

The second day, camp meeting was held in real 'Savannah Zaria Fashion', with three teaching sessions (back to back) and a Laying on of Hands service. The meeting started 1pm prompt at the Civic Centre in Atlanta Georgia with Rev Rex Akpojaro blessing us with his unique preaching anointing, people where running in joy as the revelation of God's word flooded their hearts. Major Akin-Ojo then came up and taught on the need to allow the mind of Christ dominate all our actions followed by Pastor (Mrs.) Adebukola Dele-Tunji who in turn reiterated that because Jesus finished it, we had a sure hope of glory (Great Days) on the inside of us.

After a lunch break, Bishop Dele-Tunji kicked off the evening session at about 6pm teaching on how our mind and body have a major role to play in allowing our spirits function in this physical world and the renewal of our minds with the picture of Jesus and His finished works should be our first priority in life. Then Rev Arome Adah launched into the Laying on of Hands service proper with great and mighty manifestations of God's Spirit. The meeting ended at about 9pm as well.

The last day ended with Rev Arome Adah thanking God, Bishop Dele-Tunji and his entire church members for successfully co-hosting Savannah Campmeeting USA in real 'Igala Fashion'(i.e. again… and again… and again… and again….). He preached on Great Days and afterwards ministered under the tangible power of God.

"GREAT DAYS", Savannah Ministries first camp meeting in the U.S was a great success, indeed, the spotlight is upon us and just like Jesus all men seek us cause God has made our fame go abroad to the glory of His Name.

Welcome to Savannah Ministries - Rev & Dr (Mrs) Arome E Adah