Rev. Arome Adah | 8th January 2012


2012 glory to God.  The Spirit of God is moving. Seriously, strong, strong, strong move of the spirit of God - very strong move of the Spirit of God this year.  Just yield to Him. Strong move; spectacular things happening. The Spirit of seeing and knowing in a more ... it’s going to get clearer and clearer. It happened last year but this year, it’s going to happen again and it’s going to be clearer. Where our eyes are open to see and tell without any struggle.  You’ll be sitting down in your car, your eyes will be open and you will see things. You’ll be standing there in your bathroom or in your shower and your mouth will be open and you will just start speaking things. Things that have happened, things that are happening and things that will happen - a strong move of the spirit and I will move upon anyone that is willing and available saith God and I will use those who will yield to me and those who will allow me, those who will trust me for I am blowing through the land. I am talking about Nigeria right now. I am blowing through the land; it’s going to be fast, it’s going to be swift but the effect will last for long, the effect will last forever. Just stand and trust me saith God for I need you to put your faith to work and trust me. I need you to join and stand and partner with me to release upon this land in full my desire and just one man standing with me will do and there are a lot standing. 

I hear again in my heart, I have been hearing this in my heart for about 2 to 3 weeks now. I hear again in my heart - the time zone called suddenly will be a reality for many this year and many will seem to just camp there for a while and many things  will so happen suddenly so I say to you fear not. Do not be troubled. If you seem to be the last second, I am not seeing it yet, for it will happen suddenly. Maybe it’s just the last second after this second and they are going to kick you out of that place and you don’t have anything, fear not for it will happen suddenly. Fear not! 

Rest in my love; rest in my grace; rest in what I have accomplished for you. Rest in the gospel for that is where the power is. Have you not heard in my word, the gospel is the power of God unto salvation, soteria, soundness in spirit, soul and body? So rest! Rest in the gospel - let go of the guilt, let go of the failure, let go in your mind of the time of failure that you have experienced in the past. It doesn't exist in my sight anymore saith God. It does not!        

We are wearing new garments here today - I hear that clearly as a matter of fact not only did I hear it, I felt it. I felt as though I pulled off what I was wearing and I wore something else and the Lord says – some are removing their garments and a new mantle is coming upon them - a mantle of glory. For shame - a mantle of praise, honor for dishonor, honor for dishonor. It’s a new way, it’s a new way and it’s going to be like a new life, a new life, a new beginning; for the mantle will bring grace, fresh grace - that’s what the mantle anointing stands for. Fresh grace upon you, fresh graces upon you which will make us run so well so easily in the name of Jesus Christ.  

Rest in God because a lot of things will happen in what we call accidents i.e. it’s not our plan. Accidentally good things will start happening. More will happen accidentally than those planned.    

I hear God saying – I see in the Spirit. I see the clouds are dark, I see the clouds are dark and the rains – it’s time to shower, it’s time to shower and I see the rains start falling in droplets; in droplets, in droplets and now the showers are increasing and increasing and I see the showers are drops of gold and drops of diamond and drops of silver. Blessings are showering and blessings are showering and I hear God say now that - now is our time to drink into the rivers of prophesies that has come forth in the past. I see a bucket right in front of us and I see it filled with waters and those waters are prophesies and I hear God say now that its not time for more words to come forth but those words that have come forth in the past those words that have been coming forth all this time they are filled and the cup is filled to overflow. The bucket of water is filled to overflow.

Now is not a time to struggle; now is not a time to try and working out in faith. Now is the time to easily with ease drink into those waters of prophesies. It is time; the set time has come and I hear God saying your time has come your time has come. It’s your time, it’s your time. The time has come. He says drink into this waters of prophesy; drink into them don’t try to do some work of faith but He says – I hear God say to me with ease all these words that have come to you drink into them drink into them for your time, your set time has come. 

I hear the word celebrations, celebration, celebration, celebration, celebrations, and celebrations. In the time of celebration, it’s not a time to work, it’s a time to lay aside all work and celebrate. It’s a crowning, it’s a crowning. Celebrations, celebrations, sporadic celebrations. You are trying to attend to one another is coming. You are trying to celebrate with someone, the next person is celebrating. Celebrations, entrance into celebrations.       



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