By the end of March, more money would have come into your hands than all that you spent in 2011 put together.

By the end of this year, we will have so much left over – millions of dollars.

God is multiplying our seed sown and is increasing the fruits of our righteousness; keep saying it daily.


Tongues and Interpretation 

Stay with it, stay with it, stay with it. Maintain your stand with it, maintain your stand with it, and maintain your stand with it. Maintain your stand with the work of faith. Maintain your stand with what I have said to you. Don’t turn from it. Don’t follow the crowd; don’t follow your friends or your mentors. Stay with it, stay with it, stay with it. In them you’ll see results. Some say I have stayed but no result but keep staying. And the manifestation will surely come. You will be tempted to turn away from it but don’t; keep at it. Keep saying those words; keep saying them after me, say them after me stay with it. Keep giving me chance and stay with it. It is in staying with it that you will see the manifestation, the manifestation will come and shoot you up more and surpass those you have been craving to be like and those following you will come to you to know. It doesn’t matter what it feels like - stay with it. Beyond them and they will come to follow you.

This is the time and this is the season. Do not say Lord, this idea, this vision I don’t have faith. Don’t say it’s too big. As you follow my leading - step out into it. I am the author I don’t expect you to do it. I have not asked you to do it. I put the vision there – I have not asked you to do it; just step into it. I am the one putting the vision in you. Do not say any longer that my faith cannot carry this. I am the author and the finisher. I am the author and the finisher. As you follow my leading - step out into it.

Yield to the leadings of your heart in so doing you will see the manifestations of all I have spoken concerning you saith God.

I have gone ahead of you, I have cultivated, I have weeded, I have watered the ground, I have planted the seed and there is great harvest. I have done the harvesting – come and enjoy! It’s your time to enjoy. Come and swim in the abundance. Don’t say this is a new thing – no! I have done it before the creation of the earth. This is my love – it’s a Father’s heart – enjoy, drink until you can drink no more. Drink and keep drinking – it’s from the Father’s heart. It’s from a heart of love – keep drinking, keep drinking saith the Spirit of God. 

These are the days of glory; these are the days of glory. People will go with the glory – they will be carriers of the glory. People will be affected through you – that is how you will carry the presence of God and anyone and anything within your proximity will be affected by you because you are a carrier of that glory.

There shall be sporadic explosions of God’s almightiness as we step out – fires that cannot be quenched. I hear there are shiftings.

I see tremors in the air; I see the ground being shaken. You are being shaken and have been shot forth. God says I have put my anointing upon you, I have elevated you and you are a land slide from where you used to be – you will look around and won’t recognize were you are because you have been shot forth.

He has given us the Spirit and we have to make withdrawals from the Spirit. Let’s not use our ability or physic to do it; just as you can’t use a Diamond bank cheque leaf to withdraw from a UBA account

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