Prophecies Concerning Months of 2012

13th January 2012


The month of Mercy and Favor. The month of Open doors, broken relationships will be mended, Tears will be wiped away and emptiness will be filled to the overflow. A month of new beginnings


Our fame is spreading to the streets, to every corner of the earth; we are walking in the manifestations of all the fullness of God with ease. Month of joy and laughter.  God has beat our expectations, we are literally amazed and it is happening so fast our head is swimming


The month of rest, a month of establishments, we are literally counting all of God's blessings and it has beat 2011. A month of mighty supply and harvest exponentially.

It’s a month of mighty supply. It’s a month of resting in God’s love. Psa 30:7; Psa 35:27; Psa 44:1; Psa 45:12; Psa 89:17; Psa 102:13-14. Wealthy men from near and far are seeking my favor. Luke 1:30; Acts 2:47 as I sow my seeds grace will come upon me 2 Cor 9:6-10. It’s a month of experiencing the fulfillment of God’s spoken words which have been hanging over me.


It’s the month of the miraculous; new waves of God’s power. It is a month of rising (Savannah is awakened like never before) and Savannah members are exploding like never before. We are entering into our gifts and callings.    


This is the month of the prophets and I am the prophet of my life. There will be seeing and knowing. A month of clarity-all the veils are fallen; my heart will be opened to see and my heart to receive clearly. The gates are opened and men are saved from these prophetic words from church.


Jude 1:20 – this is my month of refreshing and renewed strength. It’s a month of singing and rejoicing, when others are saying there is a casting down, we are singing, rejoicing and celebrating. A month of reaping where I have not sown and a month of great ease.


This is my month of unending testimony. It’s also a month of declaration and speaking – speaking to make manifest. Luke 6:45, Savannah out of the good treasures of your heart bring forth good! Speak, speak and speak again. 


This is my month of crowning glory and decking with great wealth. There is a lifting; it’s a month of shiftings in the normal course of things. It is for your benefit – Embrace it. Now is the day and times of elevation, it is of the Lord. Savannah members shall be singled out in their work places, organizations and whatever places they find themselves and be rewarded. The spot-light is on you! They shall gather and show you favor.


This is my month of more than enough. A month of harvest and still there are left overs. A time of overflow, it’s a time of reaching out and sporadic sowing. God has given us mega seeds. It’s a month of plenty left over. Days of abundance, money rain.


This is my month of stability on every side, like mount Zion we cannot be moved but abide forever and we are bringing forth good fruits which are abiding. We are the planting of the Lord.


This is the month of speed and sudden manifestations of God’s glory – not by my own strength. It’s a month of spiritual visitations and angelic activities bearing good news. We are fast tracked. The month of the answer – we are the answer, we are the solution.


This is my month of fulfilment and joy unspeakable. The month of the word

  • Faith
  • Hope
  • Love

We are soaked in the rivers of living waters, we shine with the glory of the Lord, and God’s face has shined on us. We have TAKEN OVER.

Welcome to Savannah Ministries - Rev & Dr (Mrs) Arome E Adah