There is a Mighty Supply

My eyes are opened and I see what looks to be a thick cloud that is about to rain heavily. However, as I behold the sight carefully, I see in the midst of the clouds some wings in flight. I see winged beings flying, following each other in formation, coming in my direction… and the sight is glorious! From the midst of the clouds, I see the sun rising and forming a golden color around the clouds. These gigantic winged beings flying so gloriously towards the earth are in multitude.

And as I behold this sight I hear in my heart: "There is a MIGHTY SUPPLY, a supply that is beyond your comprehension and it’s a continuous supply," saith God. 

"This is a supply that has no end. This supply is so great that even if multitudes upon multitudes of angels keep bringing them constantly tail-to-tail to the earth, it will still not be exhausted. No! It cannot be exhausted."

"There’s a MIGHTY SUPPLY!" "Breaking forth through those thick dark heavy clouds, is the shining light of the sun in a golden array of colors. Out of something difficult and ugly, a beautiful picture emerges for you," saith God. 

It's a beautiful picture emerging from what was designed to pull you down. It's strength unequalled; strength untold; strength that will never end, ministered to you continually. Oh the sight is so beautiful; the picture that came out of the ugliness, the darkness and the confusion. 

I hear in my heart, "Jump into this supply; jump in. It’s for you."

There is mighty supply and the angels of this mighty supply have arrived on our behalf. 

There is a mighty supply and things have changed in your favour. 

There is a sudden switch in your favour. 




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